April 18, 2016 leelanaufruit

Red Means Go- Tart Cherries and Muscle Recovery

Spring is in the air!  It seems like everywhere we look, people are outside, cleaning up yards, exercising, and enjoying a little warm weather.

The Cherry Marketing Institute has put together a fabulous resource page about the muscle recovery benefits of tart cherries.  That page can be found here.

Make sure you scroll to the middle of the webpage and download the Tart Cherry Recovery Recipes booklet.  In it, you will find great recipes for Cherry Good Oatmeal, Tart Cherry Recovery Gummies, Cherry Chocolate Chip Protein Bites, Cherry Revitalizer Smoothie, and Tart Cherry Mango Avocado Salad.

The wonderful versatility of our fruit is on full display in that recipe book.  Let us know if you use any of these recipes in your #runrecoverrepeat routine.

To your health!


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