Wholesale and Food Service

Leelanau Fruit Company’s glacé fruit, fruit mixes, cocktail maraschino cherries, ice cream cherries, IQF (individually quick frozen) red tart cherries, and IQF dark sweet cherries all begin as premium fruit grown in our orchards. The care we take in tending our fruit trees is evident in the quality of our value-added cherry products.

Leelanau Fruit Company products are used in select bakery, ice cream, confectionary, and breakfast cereal items. We know that finished products are only as good as the ingredients used. Our customers know that we provide the highest quality, most flavorful, and most pit-free fruit ingredients in the industry.

Try blending Leelanau Fruit Company glacé fruit mixes into fruitcake. Top a customer’s ice cream sundae or Manhattan with our cocktail cherries. Use our Northern Michigan ice cream cherries in your ice cream products.

Need a natural product? We do that. Need our products custom packaged with your logo? We do that. Have a special project, process, or need involving fruit? We can do that. Click on the “Let’s do business” tab and contact us for all private label, custom packing, and sales needs.

We also process a variety of different fruits, IQF strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. Call today to discuss how LFC fruit ingredients can make any product great.

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